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Frequently Asked Questions
  • I purchased your coaching. Now what?
    After checking out, you will get a link to Calendly to schedule your session.
    After scheduling you will get an email with an invite link to start our Zoom session
  • How do you teach?
    First, I teach proven long-term strategies according to YouTube's guidelines, instead of short-term "hacks".
    I focus on the techniques that get you 1M views on your next 100 videos, instead of getting you 1M views on only your next video.
    These methods you can apply to other videos and channels as well.

    Second, you (or your team) make the content, I give feedback.
  • What if I want a refund?
    You can get a refund before we do our first call.
    I will be sad to see you go, but you can request a refund via the support page on my website:
  • Do I need multiple sessions?
    When you prefer to build your channel and get results quick, it might take a look at my coaching program: "The cheat code" in which I offer ongoing coaching.
    See: for more information
  • I don't want to use Zoom
    I prefer to coaching via Zoom, since alternatives like Skype are quite cumbersome to set up.
    I do also offer coaching via Skype, please alert me in the notes when scheduling a call that you want to book a call via Skype.

About Dexxter Clark

Hi, I’m Dexxter Clark and I’m the author of this YouTube coaching program.

Since I was a child I was always filming with my parents camera, I was camera man for every vacation. 

I wanted to be on television, make movies and become an actor. 

I worked at the local television station as station manager. 

In this role I’ve written, developed, presented, edited and published many productions on YouTube and TV since 2010. 

The most logical step was to start a personal channel. 

That’s what I did, in January 2017 I started a YouTube channel about DJing. 

My phone was my camera and I filmed my every day life and called it a vlog, but nobody watched it… I was frustrated. 

However, not-getting-views was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. 

Because I started testing and studying YouTube day in and day out.

I wrote a book about my findings in 2019 and started coaching YouTube  creators in 2020.

By working with my clients I developed a very succesful method that I teach you in this program.

What clients said about my coaching
Pipe it
150K subscribers
"I'm always open to ways how i can improve and you've given really good advice... thanks mate and i really appreciate the work you put into this!!

For the record, before i started my first video i researched the best way to trigger algorithms and listened to podcast after podcast. [...] learn what you can because trust me, when it comes to YouTube and everything revolving around it...Dexxter seriously knows his stuff.

Cheers Kerry"
Cockatoo Madness
130K subscribers
"Thanks Dexxter I've taken all that on board what you have suggested so much appreciated there!"
Michael Bordenaro
50K subscribers
"Anyone who reads this and is thinking about doing a coaching call with Dexxter, do it! Dexxter knows YouTube "
Clipper Erickson
"My client Clipper [...] and I just had a fruitful conversation with Dexxter Clark, a funny but smart, strategic and analytical Youtube coach"

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Making the 4th video on a new channel blow up:

Driving (20K) more views than usual to your existing channel:

Driving consistent views for years to come ...

This is your chance to get the same results

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