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A step-by-step program to start and grow a YouTube channel to earn passive income from YouTube

Get your hands on the system to build a passive income from home that YouTube gurus don't want you to know.

Learn the quickest and simplest strategy to create viral videos and consistently get views.

For new creators: learn a proven system to create videos without expensive equipment or prior knowledge.
This step-by-step training is extremely helpful when you have no idea how to start with your YouTube channel.

For existing creators: a proven system to improve a channel.
If you are frustrated that nothing works, gain a new perspective on YouTube.

How the algorithm works and the secret formula to get views.

At the end of this program you will

have created, setup and uploaded your first video(s) to your youtube channel

have a system to consistently create content that gets views and be able to earn an income

have a content strategy for your channel going forward

(finally) get your channel off the ground, even when you have been struggling so far

have personal advice from me (Dexxter Clark) tailor made to your channel and your specific situation

What is The Viral Strategy?
It's not luck, it's a strategy

People that claim that YouTube is dumb luck, don't have the skills.
Applying a proven step-by-step strategy will take the luck-factor out of the equation.
So you can get views, watch time and subscribers like my clients below:

Earn a passive income with YouTube

Here are some earnings I got with the strategy on different YouTube channels.
These could be your earnings this too:

Personal coaching included!

Personal coaching is included, because I want you to succeed!
That's why I include 3 personal coaching sessions via Zoom.

I will look at:

your goals

your channel

your situation

your talent

and advice accordingly, to get you on the fastlane to maximize your viral potential.

This is the only way that I know for sure that the training is of value to everyone and that I can get you results!

Personal coaching is included FOR FREE!

Unlimited access to the video training ($5895 value)

15+ worksheets, templates, examples and exercises ($467 value)

Bonus: 3 PERSONAL COACHING SESSIONS!! ($597 value)

Bonus: Access to my YouTube Discord community ($499 value)

Bonus: YouTube Cash Cow training ($799 value)

Bonus: e-book: What big Tubers don't tell you ($124 value)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Access to all of this, for just


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(including personal coaching)


This cohort is reduced in price.
I'm constantly improving the training with feedback of students.
When you get in NOW, you will receive the future updates FREE OF CHARGE to improve your YouTube game.

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Bonus: YouTube cashcow training

With the YouTube Cash Cow technique, you

don't have to show your face

don't have to record videos

don't have to edit videos

don't have to write videos

don't have to have experience

The Cash Cow training is included FOR FREE!

Join the community

In case you might ever run into problems ... you are never alone!
There is a whole team of YouTube creators on standby to help each other out in my private Discord community.

Access to this community is included FOR FREE!

What is in the Viral Strategy program?

The following modules and lessons are in the program:

Preparations to start a channel 

  • picking a niche (1 of 2) – getting ideas + worksheet
  • picking a niche (2 of 2) – vetting your niche + worksheet
  • picking a channel name + worksheet
  • defining your audience + worksheet
  • competition research + worksheet
  • defining your channel goals + worksheet
  • value proposition  + worksheet
  • content map + example

YouTube Platform

  • How to create a youtube channel
  • YouTube Studio 
  • Setting up a new channel + watermark + channel header template
  • How to upload a video
  • YouTube Analytics - how to interpret the data & learn what viewers really think

Before making YouTube videos

  • Gear: what do you REALLY need?
  • Video structure for views
  • How to get video ideas 
  • Stages of making videos
  • YouTube formula for views
  • Lifecycle of video (how long does it take to get views)

Create a YouTube video like the pros

  • Keyword research
  • Thumbnail + template
  • Title + templates 
  • Description + template
  • Video script + template + example
  • Filming + take list template
  • Video editing 

YouTube Cashcow Academy - FREE BONUS
  • What is youtube cashcow?
  • Roles in a cashcow team (and how long does it take) 
  • Tips for hiring a team
  • Where to get source material 
  • Things to look out for
What is in the optional "YouTube Thumbnail Secrets" program?

The following lessons are in the optional thumbnail program:

  • The stages
  • The basics
  • Advanced strategies
  • Thumbnail creation & editing tips
  • Types of thumbnails
  • Examples of viral YouTubers
  • Steps to create your own thumbnail
  • Viability tests

This training is about the principles of clickable thumbnails, rather than specific software like Photoshop.
These principles apply to all types of YouTube channels.

Even when you decide to outsource making your thumbnails, these principles still apply.
The creator needs to worry about the clickability (this training), the thumbnail maker about the technical details of making it pretty.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is this program self-paced?
    Yes, you can follow along in your own tempo
  • What kind of time commitment should I expect?
    The training contains about 3-4 hours of video.
    The training takes about 6 hours to complete.
  • Is this training for everyone?
    The YouTube Bootcamp is for both beginners and advanced creators.
    Advanced creators can use it as a checklist to optimize growth for their channel
  • What makes this program better than others?
    This is my flagship program that I developed and perfected since 2020 by working with my coaching clients.
    I've developed and tested methods that have gotten my clients results.
    In addition, you can get access to your own success coach (optional) and invaluable Discord community (included). This is the BEST YouTube program out there, period.
  • What if I want a refund?
    I will be sad to see you go, but you can request a refund via the support page on my website:
  • Do I need to have a (professional) camera and/or equipment?
    For some types of videos you don't need to record anything.
    But if you do, 99% of the time you can start with your mobile phone.
    For video editing, simple programs like Windows Video Editor and iMovie are free and will do the trick just fine.
  • I am enrolled. Now what?
    After checking out, you will get a link to the training environment.
    You need to create an account (username and password) to get access.
    Invitation link to the community is included in the first module.
    Personal coaching scheduling link is included as a separate course.
  • What software/hardware do I need for this training
    If you want to create videos yourself, you need video editing software.
    Free software from Apple, Microsoft or BlackMagic will suffice.

    A desktop computer or laptop (Windows or Mac) is very useful to follow along.

    If you want to record your own videos, a webcam or a mobile phone camera will suffice.
  • Do I need to buy additional tools?
  • In which languages is the training available
    English only

Your instructor

Hi, I’m Dexxter Clark and I’m you instructor for program.

Since I was a child I was always filming with my parents camera, I was camera man for every vacation. 

I wanted to be on television, make movies and become an actor. 

I worked at the local television station as station manager. 

In this role I’ve written, developed, presented, edited and published many productions on YouTube and TV since 2010. 

In January 2017 I started my first personal YouTube channel about DJing. 

My phone was my camera and I filmed my every day life and called it a vlog, but nobody watched it… I was frustrated. 

However, not-getting-views was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. 

Because I started testing and studying YouTube day in and day out.

I wrote a book about my findings in 2019 and started coaching YouTube creators in 2020.

By working with my clients I developed a method that I teach you in this program.

What clients said about my methods
Iris Burton

I just bought Dexxter's course and I'm super excited to get going.
He's already inspired me to level up my thumbnail game and the content provided so far has been new and refreshing.
So many YouTube coaches teach old methods that don't do anything for my channel in 2022.
Grateful for the new and fresh knowledge!


Watched about half the course so far Dexxter, and even though I know most of the info (because I've been on YouTube for 6 years now, learning seriously for 2), it's brilliant!
I think anyone getting into it, or even existing channels will benefit greatly from it!


I'm from Brazil, and after 20 years of digital mkt (mainly webdesign, affiliate, ecommerce & dropshipping)
I have decided to start my own channel on YT due a very good experience with only one video-review that makes me some good money last year (selling toonly, an explainer video app)

So I'm starting a tech review channel, and I want to learn how to grow right and as faster as possible.
I believe the Dexxter course is the best way to do it.

Jade Dee Edinburgh

I'm only at early stages of the course, working my way through the first few modules, but I've already had some great breakthroughs on my niche and more!

The course is well-organised, and breaks down what it a huge amount of info into very actionable chunks, along with implementation worksheets.

I'm looking forward to going through the next modules!

Christopher Fuentes
(halfway through the training)

I can tell since day 1 that Dexxter knows his craft and has an outstanding amount of knowledge on how YouTube works.

As a beginner I have understood so many things that otherwise I might have not been able to learn on my own.

You can see that he actually cares about our improvement and is not a snake oil salesman as I have seen from other renowned youtubers.

Overall I´m grateful to have stumble upon this course because even though I still have a long way ahead of me, I can be assured to have one of the best professionals to accompany me through my journey.

Ruben Fresco

I'm French. I just launched a dating advice YouTube channel and I bought your course to give my new channel a much needed boost.
I finished the course today.
I love the way literally everything about YouTube is covered in this course.
It inspired me to spend more time making better thumbnails and titles, as well as improving my audience retention by making more straight-to-the-point videos.

A few things I stopped doing after watching your course :
 - I stopped making long intros. For my new videos, the viewer gets to the actual content he's looking for after only 15 or 20 sec (versus 1mn in my old videos)
- I stopped making thumbnails after the editing process. I now find a video idea, make the thumbnail and title and then do everything else. I still have to test this strategy over time but I do see the logic behind it.
 - I stopped spending too much time doing keyword research.

 You have a fun way of teaching, the course was entertaining to look at as well as educational, super easy to follow along.
The most valuable aspect of the training is the discord community although I haven't had time to dive into it too much.

100% recommended for anyone starting with a YouTube channel.

Results with the Viral Strategy

Some of the results of me and my students:

Results on brand new channels

First-time creator, new channel, 2nd video:

The 4th video on a new channel:

The 3rd video on a new channel:

This is your chance to get the results like this

Copyright Dexxter Clark