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Rekordbox video training

In-depth video training about Pioneer DJ's software: Rekordbox.

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CDJ 2000 NXS 2 video training

Special one-time offer, only $9!
Everything explained, step-by-step, every button pressed.
No surprises on your next DJ gig!
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  • 1xVideo training: Rekordbox$149
  • Video training: CDJ 2000 NXS 2$9

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What is in the training?
Some examples of features that are in the course:
  • importing and exporting songs (for the CDJs)
  • organising songs / creating playlists / smart playlists
  • adjusting the beatgrid
  • matching songs / related songs
  • searching
  • my tag
  • order songs
  • preview songs
There are 3 modes in Rekordbox:
  • Export mode: track management and export to USB (offered partially free by Pioneer)
  • Performance mode: to perform DJ gigs (offered partially free by Pioneer)
  • Lighting mode: to control lights (paid subscription plan by Pioneer)
This training covers the free features of the Rekordbox export mode (the features accessible without a Pioneer subscription plan).

By purchasing you can stream the 60 minute training via my training environment.

Free bonus!

When you decide today, I'll add the 60 minute training for the Performance mode for free!
So instead of 1 training, you have 2 trainings that cover all the free features of Rekordbox.