Learn to create the thumbnails that get millions of views
Nobody will know how amazing your video is, unless viewers click. Thumbnails are THE key to dominating YouTube, because thumbnails are the ONLY way to get the click in the frist place! 
This training is YOUR opportunity to wipe your ass with the competition with a proven cheat-code to beat the algorithm.
What you will learn

how to exploit viewer psychology and emotions to make viewers click on your thumbnail instead of the competition 

the step-by-step process of how to create viral thumbnails like Mr. Beast, Ryan Trahan, Mark Rober etc. 

common thumbnail styles, design elements and concepts of viral videos

the proven method to craft content around “getting-the-click” 

why certain thumbnails get millions of views, and others not 

how storytelling on a thumbnail works to get the click

how to edit faces like Mr. Beast

how to test your thumbnail for viral potential (before releasing the video) 

how thumbnails lead to better watch-time to beat the algorithm

how to convert a mediocre thumbnail into a viral one

how title and thumbnail work together to get the click

the difference between Search-thumbnails and Home/Suggested-thumbnails 

the little-known thumbnail 2.0 hack to rank #1 in Search

What students said:

Really looking forward to starting the thumbnail training this week! I've been delayed with my 9-5, but finally ready to start with my first few videos and I know this will be a huge help with thumbnails (they've been overwhelming me a bit as a non-graphic designer).

Thanks for putting it together @dexxterclark

Jade Dee Edinburgh
Hi Dexxter,
What a great training you've made!
Really good and also good examples!
Noud van Harskamp
Watched about half the course so far Dexxter, and even though I know most of the info (because I've been on YouTube for 6 years now, learning seriously for 2), it's brilliant! I think anyone getting into it, or even existing channels will benefit greatly from it
Iris Burton
I just bought Dexxter's course and I'm super excited to get going.
He's already inspired me to level up my thumbnail game and the content provided so far has been new and refreshing.
So many YouTube coaches teach old methods that don't do anything for my channel in 2022.
Grateful for the new and fresh knowledge!
Louis TA
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